Owner-Tenant Condo Disputes

July 2019

Condominium managers have a duty to treat all residents the same regardless of being an owner or tenant.

Both tenant and owner are equally subject to condo rules and restrictions on an equal basis.  When a violation occurs, it is the condominium manager’s job to address the matter.  The process should be the same regardless of who is involved.

A condominium manager’s job is to serve the condo board and act in the best interest of the corporation.  When resident disputes occur, their role is to aid the board in determining if a violation has occurred, and then to deal with any violation by implementing a consistent process for enforcement per board direction.

When disputes involve a tenant found to be in violation of rules or restrictions, the suite owner should be informed of the situation and involved as appropriate.  Tenant evictions, when warranted, are undertaken by the suite owner.

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