Outdoor Landscaping that keep Indoors Clean

Condo corporations work hard to keep common areas clean. One of the better ways to do so is to ensure outdoor landscaping materials are less likely to be tracked indoors where they can damage common areas or require extensive cleaning.

Areas to focus on include walking areas, playground construction and Designated Pet Areas.

Materials such as sand and gravel can stick to or damage shoes. It can be carried indoors where floors and carpeting can be damaged. Cleaning and repair costs can be significant.

Dog poop presents similar problems with added concern for smell, discomfort and sanitation.

Garden City Groundskeeping is a local distributor and installer of Synlawn artificial turf. John Larsen explains that, when designing outdoor areas, synthetic turf products offer unique benefits. “They are designed with drainage in mind, to look good without the need for watering or regular outdoor maintenance.   It stands up to normal wear and tear. Synthetic turf infill helps to mitigate bacteria and odours using anti-microbial products.“

Turf products can be cleaned using a power broom and continue to look new long after installation. It can handle snow and ultraviolet rays without degradation.

Turf products offer a sustainable bio-based solution. There is no need to weed, seed, apply fertilizer or pesticides, or water. Better quality turf products offer warranty periods of up to 15 years.

Synthetic turf is currently used in pet and public spaces including Toronto Animal Services, Sherbourne Common on the waterfront, tree pits along King St. and Queen St., and the St. Clair streetcar median.

Synthetic turf helps keep the outside outdoors. It reduces internal cleaning and repair costs.

Publication Date: March 2017