Online Voting for Condo Elections

May 2015

Post Election Update

In 2014, Toronto Condo News first reported on online voting for condo corporations. At the time a series of benefits to condo corporations were presented with no disadvantages.

At that time we mentioned that online voting was being used in municipal elections in 2014.

Over 100 Ontario municipalities utilized online voting for municipal elections in October 2014 including Ajax and Markham. No problems were reported.

The earlier article, Its Time for Online Voting in Condos can be accessed in the Toronto Condo News Condo Archives under Condo Building Management. (Click here to access it.)

Some cite the potential for abuse, fraud or other problems with online technologies. The reality is that no problems have been reported. No one has successfully hacked into an online voting system.

While the potential for problems with online technology will always exist, it seems impractical to not take advantage of this useful technology for fear of possible problems that are unlikely to occur.

Toronto Condo News continues to advise that adopting such a solution serves the interests of condo corporations while eliminating the most serious problems related to condo elections.