Obtaining Owner Names and Addresses

June 2024

Ontario condominium corporations are required to maintain a list of registered owners and a list of tenants.

These lists include, for each unit, the owner’s address for service.  Neither list includes telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Owners are entitled to access a list of registered owners and their mailing address for service for the corporation where they own property.  They are not entitled to obtain e-mail addresses, phone numbers or a list of tenants.

At one time it was common for all phone numbers to be published in a telephone book.  Today’s view of privacy prevents owners from obtaining phone numbers or e-mail addresses for their neighbours in a building.  This makes it unnecessarily difficult for residents to reach each other for any reason including addressing common concerns or social purposes.  It allows the condominium corporation to be the only entity able to reach out to any and all owners and residents in a practical manner.

Arguably, this is an archaic practice that revisions to the Condo Act can address if government authorities desire to make it easier for condo residents to associate with each other.