Novel Community Building Ideas

February 2024

There is no shortage of novel ideas for having fun and socializing in high-rise communities beyond having an outdoor barbecue, sports-related gathering and post-meeting social events.  Some can be combined with doing good and donating to worthwhile causes.  Here are some ideas that don’t cost much and are easy to arrange.

Halloween Party. Dressing up and going door-to-door in a high-rise community is not nearly as much fun as being outside in the dark with hundreds of other trick or treaters.  Building security systems may even make it impractical.  Communities can enjoy Halloween by having a Halloween party.  Kids, and adults, can dress up and have a contest for the best costume.  Residents can hand out candy.  Show an appropriate family movie.  Everyone can have more fun than wandering the streets on what could be a wet and rainy evening.

Hold a Soup and Bread Fundraiser. Attendees make a financial donation of about $20 to a designated local food bank.  The corporation or an anonymous donor may agree to match donations.  Each receives a meal of soup and bread.  Have meals prepared and donated by residents.

Tuna Tuesday. Have residents donate cans of tuna by dropping them off in bins.  Donate all items to a local food bank.

Donate a Meal. Set up bins where residents can donate pasta, canned goods, sauces and other non-perishable items.  Donate all items to a local food bank.

Sports Challenge. If your community has an outdoor swimming pool, ping pong table; or squash,  tennis or basketball court, in-building tournaments are a great way to encourage socialization, exercise and a little competition.  Combine it with a post-event social, meal or gathering.