Not in my Home – Advertising

June 2020

A debate is raging in communities about paid advertising in their newsletters and on electronic monitors in common areas including elevators.

On one side of the debate are those who oppose advertising on condo property.  Purists may claim there is no place for advertising in the home despite its existence on every electronic device used within the home.  There will always be residents offended by some, or any, advertising.  Poorly implemented, advertising make it harder to notice building and community communications.  Some argue that advertising may devalue the property and reduce resale prices.

The other side of this debate consists of those who support or are indifferent to advertising in their community.  Advertising provides awareness of vendors, entertainment and activities in the area.  Revenues from paid advertising can be used to improve communications and fund building activities.

Condo communications are of interest to potential advertisers because they are read.  Incorporating advertising in these communications can be beneficial to residents.  Organizations promoting events, activities or promotions can provide residents with entertainment, discounts and services they desire.

For those that oppose advertising, they can always choose to ignore it.