Next Generation Smart Technology

November 2022

The next generation of technology, 5G, will be more visible and intrusive in high-rise communities.

The current generation, 4G, does not require changes to building infrastructure.  The 5G technology is designed to carry much more data and at higher speeds.  There will be trade-offs.

High-rise communities will require new antennas, located closer to users, throughout a building to boost digital signals.  Current internal networks are insufficient to handle the demands of 5G networks and services.  New networks will be necessary to support the technology.

Visually, there may be antennas throughout a building.  Since multiple carriers exist in most communities, the technology may have to be replicated for each service provider unless there are agreements to share the same infrastructure.

For high-rise communities, network demands from residents is just the beginning.  Building automation, monitoring and controls are all likely to be enhanced with 5G.  New technologies will begin to evolve once current capacity limits are addressed.  Buildings with faster speeds and more sophisticated amenities will command higher sale prices and rental rates.  Improved technology will enable our buildings to be more sustainable.  Facilities management is likely to evolve.  The way parking is handled will change if every vehicle has a bar code read by a system each time the vehicle enters and exits the parking area.

5G technology is still evolving so it is hoped some of the issues will be resolved prior to installations in buildings.  The technology is needed to accommodate the growing number of connected devices which include not only smartphones, computers, televisions and games but also household appliances and services of all types, plus more sophisticated encryption.  There is a need for all connected systems to send and receive information without slowdowns, delays or system crashes.  Today’s building networks are unable to send and receive this volume of data at a fast enough rate.

Future technology will soon revolve around 5G bringing new and unthought-of services, conveniences and ways to better manage our high-rise homes.