New Technologies/Services for the Condo Home

December 2018


Virtual concierge services can be found in condo buildings throughout Toronto.

In place of a security person sitting at a desk visitors and residents are greeted by an individual sitting at a desk somewhere else and visible on a large screen.

Remote concierge services cost less than on-site staff. They can monitor security cameras, accept packages, greet guests and control building access. They work 24 hours a day or when needed.

Remote concierge services require an investment of up to $9,000 – upgrading a building’s security features can cost up to $5,000 plus up to $4,000 for a video terminal. Hourly rates can range from $18 to $22 per hour.

Remote concierge services can be used to provide night or weekend coverage, as fill-in for absentee employees or to monitor areas during breaks.


Among those who choose not to own a car there are times when an automobile is needed. An Uber or taxi just will not do.  Increasingly, condo buildings are making available to residents access to a car sharing service for those who don’t want to be burdened with the cost of permanent vehicle ownership. Vehicles located on the property can be used for short periods at standard rates.


One condo building at 5959 Yonge St. offers a basketball court along with space for volleyball, squash, soccer and badminton.  All of this is available in one space with LED markings on the floor that change to reflect the desired activity.


It won’t be long until condo buildings are able to provide internet access at up to 15 times faster than what is available to the average Canadian home. Canary District condos will be the first to have this super-fast internet access which may change how homes are wired in the digital age.