New Security Camera for Condos

July 2019

A new indoor/outdoor security camera from Logitech should prove popular in condo communities.

Most condo residents try to be good neighbours.  Within many communities, however, a few individuals may fail to accept the concept of community living and shared responsibility.  They may force security doors open, fail to properly dispose of trash or leave anonymous notices on resident doors.

Security cameras can’t be placed everywhere thus making it difficult to identify specific offenders where areas are unmonitored.  Logitech’s Circle 2 camera is low priced and can easily be moved to problem areas.  It can be used to identify and document offenders to be dealt with by management.

The camera can operate wirelessly and is battery powered for up to three months per charge.  Designed for indoor and outdoor use, it can survive most weather conditions and offers on-line storage of recordings.  Each camera includes night vision for monitoring dark areas.  When motion is detected the camera will start recording.  Users can be sent notification to their smartphone when activation occurs with footage viewed through a web browser.  The camera can be controlled with voice commands using Alexa.

The camera can be activated to detect when a user leaves home to record any entry during an absence.

The Logitech Circle 2 wireless version sells for $199.

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