New Products for the Home

November 2018


New products for the home.



Levitating Portable Speaker

A high quality speaker that makes a unique visual impression.   LG’s new product contains powerful electromagnets located in the base of the speaker that allow it to levitate.



Self-Regulating Adjustable Bed

Some people have a difficult time sleeping.  Sleep Number 360 is a new smart bed from a US-based company that senses its occupants’ movements and automatically adjusts for firmness, comfort and support.  Sleep Number 360 includes a foot warmer for winter nights and provides data on your sleeping habits.



Smart Trash Can

A device that clips onto a garbage or recycling bin will scan packages as you dispose of them.  Items are automatically added to a shopping list on your phone.  Genican will automatically ship items to you when registered with Amazon.


Home Security Drone

Drones, once a form of entertainment for enthusiasts, are starting to offer more practical uses. offers a drone that can be used to investigate noises or disturbances and send a recording to a phone.  The next step is likely to include a small camera to provide a video recording.

The product, not yet been developed, offers the potential for improved condo corporation security without the need to add manpower.  Existing security personnel could utilize a product like this to monitor more of the property from the main entrance where typically stationed.


All products were introduced at the consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show that takes place each year in Las Vegas.