New Metro Supermarkets Cater to Upscale Condo Dwellers

August 2015

Metro is updating most of its 137 Ontario Metro stores with an emphasis on fresh and prepared foods. Metro is following Whole Foods, Loblaws and other area supermarkets in changing to better serve the needs of growing condo communities.

This past March Metro introduced its new prototype store. The store is surrounded by condominiums in Toronto’s west Lakeshore area. Fresh and prepared foods will take up 60% of store space as compared to 40% of store space in regular Metro stores.

New format Metro supermarkets are intended to cater to condo-dwelling young professionals with disposable incomes who prefer fresh and take-out food. The new stores, which appear less cluttered, are a departure from current stores. They include brushed concrete floors, stainless steel accents and dark-wood produce tables.

The new stores will appear more community focused. The prototype store includes a Starbucks café.