Necessary Skills for an Effective Condo Board

November 2014

Condo boards are unique individuals each with their own perspective and opinions.

An effective condo board is comprised of individuals who have a concern for the people who live in their condo, the building and the financial strength of the corporation. They try to ensure the corporation is receiving good value in the services and products purchased, and in overall maintenance. They enjoy living in their condo and want to increase their enjoyment.

An effective condo board is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Common among them is an interest in doing what is best for the condo community they represent.

An effective condo board listens to others. They try to separate fact from opinion. They do not manipulate or discard facts contrary to a predetermined perspective.

An effective condo board tries to do things the right way. In addition to attending board meetings they do their homework. They seek feedback and opinions from others. They support independent committees and consider their recommendations. They research solutions to problems, prepare for meetings and educate themselves.