Nanny Suites

July 2018

In some cities developers offer small suites on less desirable floors to high-end buyers.  These smaller suites – called nanny or accessory suites – are being used by nannies, home care assistants and chefs.

These suites began as a condo amenity in New York in 2006.  It was a reversal of past practice of putting staff quarters on  top floors of luxury buildings.  Top floors were less desirable because of slanted roofs and unreliable elevators.

Today, accessory suites can account for 10% to 40% of suites in some buildings.  They are  available to buyers of larger suites on higher floors and described as home offices, guest suites or storage areas.

Accessory suites are more popular for buyers with families.  They also appeal to the wealthy who have multiple homes and travel between them with staff.