Must the Condo Board President Follow By-Laws

December 2023

There are reasons why a Condo Board President, or any board member, may choose to disobey rules or by-laws of the corporation.

The President is elected to the Board by the membership of the corporation, then elected President of the Board by the elected directors. They don’t have unlimited power to do as he or she sees fit. At times, decisions may have to be made that deviate from outdated or obsolete rules or by-laws. Some discretion to make decisions is warranted as outlined in the corporation’s governing documents. These documents, at times, may be vague or lacking information pertaining to a specific matter.

This discretion does not extend to making self-serving decisions or going against the will of the Board. When this happens, the individual may be removed from their role as President by other directors, or removed as a director by a vote of owners.