Modern Bulletin Boards

January 2022

Condominium community communications serve many purposes.  Upcoming maintenance, social programming and activities are frequent and repeated informational notices.  Reminders about rules and procedures occur with regularity.  Prior to meetings residents need to be informed, reminded and reminded again!  This constant need to communicate can be a challenge with notice boards limited to a single notice that often goes unnoticed.  The ability to convey any and all information concurrently and with minimal effort makes life easier for residents, management and directors.

Digital display boards used in this way are more effective at serving the needs of communities than traditional static or cork boards.

Digital display boards get seen by everyone. Most are placed in elevators or mail room since nearly everyone uses the elevator daily and checks mail multiple times each week.  In an era when everyone is glued to their smartphone digital display boards allow management to communicate with residents when they periodically look up.  During short elevator rides residents are likely to notice at least one or two well-designed changing messages that appear on a display.

Digital display boards are more flexible. Notices can be scheduled to appear when you want rather than requiring someone to run around the building removing old notices and posting new ones.  Notices that appear annually can be scheduled once then forgotten.  Reminders can be interspersed or replaced with time-sensitive information that appears when desired.

Digital display boards get noticed more frequently than traditional static or cork boards when used properly.  Multiple messages using colour, larger text and images offer diversity that encourages people to look at them.

Digital message boards are an economical way to educate building residents.  Better communication saves money and reduces problems.