Modern Appliances for the Modern Home

January 2021

Condo homes can be smaller than single family homes.  Properly designed, less unused space plus more amenities and services provides more usable and practical space making it appear larger.  When it comes to renovations, condo homes have a clear advantage.  Less physical space means less spent on new flooring, cabinets and other enhancements.  For those so inclined, the lower cost of major renovations allows more to be spent on modern appliances to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Smaller and more usable kitchens are popular.  This includes good looking and larger appliances.


The fridge remains the hub of family life.  Everyone gravitates to the kitchen and fridge for meals, snacks and drinks.  It is a convenient place for messages, notes and pictures which are posted on the front or side.  The modern fridge expands on this hub of family life.  Samsung’s Family Hub is much more than a fridge with its family connection and entertainment capabilities.  A 21.5” touchscreen can be used to create grocery lists, access 20,000 recipes and obtain suggestions for meal preparation.  A built-in calendar ensures appointments and social activities are not missed.  Built-in cameras allow you to check inventory from a smartphone while out shopping.  Built-in speakers combine with the touchscreen and internet access to allow streaming of music, news, weather, schedules or traffic.  Leave notes or voice recordings for family members.


Washing clothes is always a chore although the LG Electronics Washer/Dryer helps.  The front load washer and extra-large capacity allows for wash and spin of two separate loads at the same time.  Use the SmartThinQ app to control the machine from anywhere – sofa, work, exercise room, spa.  Start or stop a wash, and be notified when laundry is ready, on your smartphone.  Custom settings help eliminate wrinkles and odours.  The dryer incorporates TurboSteam technology that can dry and unwrinkle a dress shirt in ten minutes.





The Bosch Home Connect Dishwasher includes a time delay feature.  Pre-set any start time to commence a wash.  The load sensor will optimize water use for half or partial loads to conserve water and electricity.  A third rack adds 30 percent more loading capacity.




The Whirlpool range includes built-in sensors for monitoring temperature.  Cooking elements will automatically adjust to help food cook or bake evenly.  Frozen bake technology will cook frozen food without preheating.  Preprogrammed settings will automatically adjust cooking times to speed up preparation.