Mental Illness Affects All Condo Residents

November 2016

Beacon Hill is home to some of Boston’s most exclusive and expensive homes.

During a July 2015 inspection at least 100 rodents were found to be living in a Beacon Hill condo “not fit for human habitation.”

The resident was a 49-year old man who resided there for 15 years. He had not left the suite for at least 7 years and suffered from severe agoraphobia, a fear of crowds and public spaces.

The owner of the condo was his mother who had not been inside the suite since 2002.

It appeared that the resident was feeding the rats and trying to domesticate them.

The rat infestation was found after several complaints about loud banging. After it was discovered, the resident was taken to a local hospital. Door locks were changed so that he could not return.

Cleanup took a biohazard company three weeks. They had to demolish the unit down to its studs.

This condo suite is now part of a legal complaint filed by the condo owner one floor below. Cleanup has caused dust and debris to fall on counters, tables, artwork, linens and furniture. The owner will have to vacate his suite while the ceiling is replaced.

The entire building smelled of rat urine and decay.