Meeting Minutes – Avoid the Political Drama

April 2020

Meeting minutes are a legal record of decisions made at a condo board meeting.  They should reflect all votes or abstentions of directors in attendance.  They are the best way to gain an understanding of board actions and decisions.

Meeting minutes should be brief and to the point.  Standard category headings are attendees, reports, old business, new business and other.

Meeting minutes should include a record of motions made, by whom, any seconding of the motion and outcome of a vote.

Meeting minutes should make no mention of disputes or disagreements among board members.  Details of discussions are not to be included.  Minutes should not emphasize or promote one option over another except to record the outcome of a vote.

Meeting minutes are a crucial part of condo corporation records.  Any owner, purchaser, or mortgagee of a unit can request and is entitled to access meeting minutes and other corporation records.  Keeping them simple and unbiased helps maintain the integrity of board decisions and the corporation.