Make Your Small Condo Look Big

July 2019

A small condo can seem larger and more open by implementing visual techniques.

Use the same flooring throughout a condo to make rooms appear larger and provide a clean look throughout the suite.

Have at least one tall mirror in each room.  Place them on room dividers and in bathrooms.  A mirror opposite a window reflects outdoor light and spreads it throughout a room making it appear larger.

Kitchens can be the most congested space in a condo because of its many appliances and gadgets.  Organizing this space goes a long way toward making it more usable and appearing larger.  Move smaller appliances to a less used area of the kitchen.  Putting them in a cupboard creates more counter space.

Less furniture means more space.  Invest in a single piece of furniture rather than several pieces to free up floor space.  Unused furniture creates clutter without value.

Use light colours on walls or mix light and dark colours.  Avoid dark walls which don’t reflect light and darken a room.