Make the Most of Limited Living Space

October 2019

Urban living often comes with limited living space.  Finding ways to make better use of this space and making it more appealing is an ongoing challenge.

Homes are used in different ways and by different people.  Some homes are designed for living, others for partying and some for working.  There may be children to consider or a pet.

A room can be made to appear larger by using contrasting colours or lighting.  A table lamp, in addition to ceiling lights, adds warmth to a space.  Use light colours to take advantage of natural light.  Mirrors and picture frames add warmth to a light-coloured room.

Window treatments can change a room.  Drapes from floor to ceiling make a room feel taller.  Window shades serve multiple purposes.  Screen shades allow more light in.  Darker screen shades prevent a room from appearing too bright while making it appear larger.

Furniture pieces should be in proportion to each other and the space.  That small sofa in a showroom may look huge in your condo.  A large piece of furniture in a small space can look awkward.  Furniture that serves a dual purpose can work well in limited space.  An ottoman with storage can be a good location for magazines, newspapers, remote control and small electronic gadgets.

Clutter is your enemy in any space.  Unused CDs, books or throw pillows can likely be discarded without an impact on your lifestyle.

Your goal is a cozy and comfortable space you are proud to call home.