Luxury Amenities

August 2016

Amenities found in high-end luxury condo buildings are intended to pamper residents and set certain condo buildings apart from the crowd.

These condo buildings don’t compete on the basis of location, nice lobby, high-end appliances or personal service. They offer a lifestyle not found elsewhere and include amenities coveted as part of a luxury lifestyle.

High-end luxury condo buildings feature elegance and convenience at a level few can afford.

Condos in these buildings can sell for millions of dollars. Some combine residential living with actual hotels.

Such condos can be found in Manhattan, Boston and Toronto. Amenities may include private dining or expanded concierge services that include food shopping, valet parking, housekeeping or dog walking.

In these buildings condo living may seem like a private or country club.

Quality Exercise Areas
Rather than incorporate a quality exercise facility such as LA Fitness, as in the past, condominium buildings are building their own facilities supported by condo fees. This can include quality equipment along with yoga rooms, steam showers and therapy rooms.

Extended Entertainment
Relaxation becomes a primary activity. There may be a private restaurant or bar, movie room with theatre seating or private owner lounge. Entertainment space is likely to include a quality kitchen, large TV screen with comfortable seating and outdoor area with seating plus gas BBQ.

These amenities are designed for those who own a smaller suite but want space to entertain large groups or socialize.

Expanded Entertainment
Some condo buildings employ companies to organize a range of sporting or social activities. This may include movies, theatre, guest speakers or cooking events.