The Lure of Campaign Promises

May 2017

Condo elections are rife with false promises.

During the election period for one Etobicoke condo board, three candidates for election distributed a leaflet that included promises of no more liens, cutback on unnecessary spending and an employee wage freeze.

The first promise provides owners with protection should they choose not to pay their required condo fees. The other promises are vague and likely intended to appeal to emotion rather than practicality.

All three candidates were elected. Prior to the end of their terms, one was removed at a requisition meeting. The other two resigned.

Electing condo directors on the basis of unreasonable promises may look like the right choice for a period of time. It is far better to elect condo directors based on their management and business experience, and willingness to dedicate their personal time for betterment of the condo corporation.

Thank you to Condo Madness for their contribution to this article