Lower Cost Internet and TV for Condos

July 2016

Toronto condo buildings now have available to them new ways to access the Internet, TV and phone services.

Such services usually require that a condo building be “upgraded” to a proprietary fibre-optic network. Often the building “upgrade” will be done at no cost to the condo corporation. This network can be set up to include Internet access in common areas of the building.

Once the upgrade is complete, condo residents can subscribe to Internet, TV or phone services that can be less than half the price of comparable offerings from Bell Canada or Rogers Communications.

Internet Access

Unlimited data usage at fast speeds can be delivered at a cost of about $35 per month without signing long-term contracts. Internet access requires a router comparable to what is required to receive service from Rogers Communications or Bell Canada.

Once Internet access is purchased for a condo suite, lower cost TV and phone services may also be available.

TV Packages

Television access requires a set top box similar to what is used by Rogers Communications or Bell Canada.

Once connected the most basic television packages include about 50 channels, major networks included, plus about 20 specialty channels. Additional channels can be added. The television can also be used for Internet access including movie and programming services such as Netflix, music and social media including Facebook. Personal Video

Recorder (PVR) capability may also be available.

Prices can be as low as $30 per month.


Internet based telephone service including unlimited local, national and North American calling can cost as little as $20 per month


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