Loneliness is on the Rise

March 2024

Toronto is one of the loneliest places in Canada according to a Toronto Foundation report, with residents reporting high levels of depression and anxiety.  Residents are withdrawing from communities and from each other.  They are interacting and volunteering less, having fewer friends and fewer close relationships with family members.

High-rise condominium communities became less welcoming during the pandemic.  Many closed their common area spaces and discontinued social activities.  Today, many communities have yet to re-engage with residents as they did pre-pandemic.

The pandemic changed the way we live.  People got used to being on their own.  More adults reported symptoms of anxiety disorder.

The Foundation wants to encourage residents to start reaching out again by taking advantage of free activities in the city, volunteering, organizing neighbourhood events or attending a cultural event.

The foundation has partnered with Volunteer Toronto to provide micro-grants to help residents jump-start activities in their neighbourhoods.