Living in a Pet Friendly Building

July 2019

No matter what you do, dogs will bark and cats will meow.  Forcing neighbours to listen to your pet barking, whining or meowing for hours or all night is a problem.  Another reality is that not everyone may love dogs or cats as much as you do.  Some people have pet-related allergies.  Condo living, where people live in closer quarters, means  neighbours hearing pet noises on a regular basis will complain.

Sharing a condo home with pets requires that pet owners take reasonable steps to avoid disturbing neighbours.

Before bringing a pet to a condo check the rules and bylaws, or ask management about pet restrictions.  Some buildings don’t allow pets.  Others may impose restrictions on the type, breed or size of pets allowed.  Parrots and parakeets can be very noisy and prohibited where dogs and cats are allowed.  Pets which can escape from cages and find their way to other suites, such as snakes, may be prohibited.  Be aware of which pets are allowed in your building.

Consider the size of your suite.  If space is already tight a pet will make your home seem even smaller.

If you are frequently away from home, having a pet may not be a good idea.  Lonely animals will bark or meow.

When owning a dog be prepared to stoop and scoop.  Pet friendly buildings may offer pet amenities such as a dog walk or pet park.  There may be waste receptacles and bags for discarding waste.  Nothing poisons relations between pet owners, neighbours and condo management more than pet owners failing to clean up pee and poop by their pet on common areas.  Failure to clean up after your pet is more than just a discourtesy to neighbours and a health concern.  Your right to have a pet could be revoked.

Well-trained animals know to wait for others to approach before responding.  They understand to stay near their owner on elevators, remain quiet and not run around once the door opens.  Unfortunately, not all pets are child or people friendly.  Some may bite or attack when scared.  Visual signs help inform others when to stay away from a pet.  Service animals may wear a vest when working so people know not to distract them.  Pets with a yellow ribbon should not be approached.  They may be a threat to children, easily excitable, or prone to biting or attacking.  They could be under medical care or in the care of a handler that is training them.

In many ways, cats are the ideal condo pet.  They tend to be most active around dawn and dusk, and sleep the rest of the day.  They don’t need to be walked and require only basic necessities of food, water, kitty litter and a scratching post.  A screen door or window gives them fresh air without having to leave the condo.

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