Live-In Superintendent – Letter to the Editor

March 2021

Do you have articles on the role of a live-in superintendent?

I’m specifically interested in roles and responsibilities.

Although superintendents may be on call for emergencies 24/7 are they expected to carry out a full-time job as well?

Is overtime pay appropriate?


Response from Toronto Condo News

The role of superintendent is common in high-rise and condominium communities.  Typically, this is a full-time job with established daytime weekday working hours.

Communities require an emergency contact who can be reached after hours or on weekends.  This individual may be the superintendent, condominium manager or other contact.

Responsibilities vary depending on what is desired of them, compensation and their skill set.  For a general understanding of what a superintendent does see The Superintendent, and also Chain of Command – Condominium Managers and Superintendents, in the Condo Archives (

Compensation may be salary-based or hourly.  If hourly, overtime pay is based on local laws.  In Ontario, overtime pay is 1.5 times their regular hourly rate when working in excess of 44 hours per week.

See for more information.