Condo Liens – Letter to the Editor

June 2020

When will someone ask The Government why they have not suspended liens on monthly maintenance if they are not collected on time?

I have written my local MPP at the end of March with a follow-up a couple of weeks later.  Their administration staff said the ministry is looking into it among other things under the condo act.

The Government was quick to suspend landlords from evicting tenants who could not pay on time (rightfully so), yet there is no consideration for condominium owners.

To my knowledge, no reporter has asked this question during Premier Ford’s daily news conference.

As you know, a lien would be a charge back to the unit owner, which at this time would become another expense they cannot pay.

I look forward to your response.

M. Levin

Response from Toronto Condo News

While we understand your concern about condo liens, they are a crucial and necessary part of condo governance.  Without them condo living as we know it would not exist.  Condo liens ensure owners do not avoid their obligation to maintain their home thus forcing remaining owners to pay more.

We do not support elimination or suspension of condo liens.  The potential for abuse is too great.  Any owner not paying fees due, as they have committed to do, would be obligating others to financially support them.  Below are articles from the Condo Archives providing insight into the importance of condo liens and obligation of owners to pay their condo fees.

We do recognize that the condo lien process can be abused by some condominium corporations and their lawyers.  The Condominium Authority of Ontario does have tools to address this if they so choose.  Thus far their priorities appear to be elsewhere.

The following article in the Condo Archives conveys our general perspective on payment of condo fees:

The following articles on condo liens can also be found in the Condo Archives: