Laundry Room Technology

November 2019

The line between condo and rental buildings is blurring.  In many condo buildings tenants represent a large minority, or majority, of residents.  To remain leased these suites and the building must compete with what is available in other condo and rental buildings.

One advantage rental buildings may have is laundry services that are a common area amenity.  In smaller condo suites, one way to increase usable space is to eliminate the laundry room.  An activity done once a week or less frequently may be suitable for a shared space rather than dedicated in-suite space.

Like exercise space, community laundry rooms relegated to a basement area tend to be unused and poorly maintained.  More laundry spaces are appearing higher up in a building with good lighting, better floors, spacious folding areas, laundry carts, internet access and television.

Coins are no longer required to operate machines.  Smartcards, similar to a debit card, can be preloaded and used with greater convenience.  Lost cards are easily replaced.  Smartphone apps allow residents to know when a machine is available and monitor their laundry from their suite.

Today’s laundry machines are no longer manual.  They include more sophisticated technology and can be remotely managed by contractors who take care of machines, provide service and collect money.

Condo corporations do not need to own laundry equipment.  Companies will provide this equipment, maintain it and provide a rental fee for use of the space.  A community laundry room can be a free amenity provided to building residents or a pay for service operation.