Keeping the Air in your Condo Clean

May 2015

That dry winter air is gone. It’s time to open windows and allow into your home fresh air and breezes.

Allergy sufferers and those with asthma can be sensitive to pollutants in the air. Those without specific problems can also experience difficulty breathing. Stale indoor air can contain pollutants such as mould, dust and organic compounds. Even if you don’t have a pet, animal dander can reach your suite through air vents.

Improving air quality in your condo makes it more comfortable for those who live there and guests.

Use High Quality Filters

High quality filters do a better job of capturing many contaminants. Dust pulled into vacuums and vents is less likely to be blown back into a room.

Minimize Use of Air Fresheners

Volatile Organic Chemicals, or VOCs, refer to a group of chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. The level of such chemicals, which can cause a variety of symptoms and problems in those susceptible, is dramatically higher indoors than in open areas. Such chemicals are contained in air fresheners and fragrances.

Cultivate Indoor Plants

Plants naturally remove toxins from the air.

Manage Indoor Humidity

Most people become uncomfortable when the humidity level drops to 25% or lower. Dry skin is most common and nosebleeds are not uncommon. Dryer air is more charged and can result in static when touching items. This can damage computers and other electronics. High levels of humidity can result in moisture or frost forming on windows. The Department of National Health and Welfare recommends a humidity level of 50% in summer and 35% in winter.

Avoid Indoor Smoking

Smoking affects the smoker, the room and those in nearby rooms. Smoking introduces thousands of chemicals to what is already in your home. These pollutants travel to other suites, and people, through air vents. Smoking has been linked to respiratory infections, asthma and more serious ailments.