Is Your Pet Condo Friendly

October 2013

When it comes to condominiums, each building has a different set of rules with regard to pets, in particular dogs. The declaration or rules of a condo may prohibit pets, or regulate their type, number, and size (which do not apply to dogs which assist with disabilities or illness). Alternatively, some buildings have no pet restrictions.

Buildings that prohibit pets do so because of concern for noise, damage and injury. These concerns are valid and it is up to the owner of a condo to ensure compliance with condo rules.

When a pet becomes a disruption or threat to other residents, or causes damage, the building management may require the unit owner to get rid of the pet and/or to pay remediation costs.

Pet owning condo dwellers need to understand what it means to have a condo friendly pet so as to avoid problems with condominium management or their neighbors.

Here are some thoughts and tips to ensure your pet remains condo friendly.

  1. A condo friendly pet is not aggressive. It does not bark or snap at other residents when in public areas of the building.
  2. A condo friendly pet does not urinate or defecate in public areas of the building – indoor or outdoor. They do so in the unit or off the property. Their owner takes care to clean up after them.
  3. A condo friendly pet does not create odours that permeate their unit and which can travel to other units through vents. Their owner uses deodorizers and cleaners to eliminate these odours.
  4. A condo friendly pet may be afraid in closed spaces such as an elevator and this may result in aggressive behaviour. Consider carrying them in these spaces
  5. A condo friendly pet is always on a leash when in public areas of the building.
  6. A condo friendly pet does not bark when in the unit. These sounds can travel to other units through the door, windows and through vents.
  7. A condo friendly pet is not overly large. This is unfair to the pet (which requires space to exercise) and a safety risk in corridors and stairwells.

Condo owners should review the corporation rules to ensure their pet is condo friendly. Condo owners can prevent problems, and possible eviction of pets, by being proactive and obtaining outside services to make their pet condo friendly.


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