Internet Enabled Condo Suites

March 2020

Condo suites may soon require their building-wide wireless internet services to include the newest of lifestyle services.

Hotels are looking at internet technology to provide greater convenience, comfort and services without requiring additional equipment or staff.  These services may soon be available to condo communities which have the same goals.

Providers of internet access have been working at upgrading their infrastructure in condo buildings to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that will soon be in demand in high-rise communities.

  • Voice-enabled and mobile technologies may soon provide better ways to communicate with building management and neighbours.
  • Intuitive lighting that changes according to time of day and personal preferences as individuals enter and exit rooms in their suite and throughout the building.
  • Voice activated room controls.
  • Virtual assistant that can provide a wake-up alarm, start a yoga class on a full-length mirror and turn on the shower at a requested temperature using voice commands and user profile.

These software driven services are expected to soon be available to connected communities.

The future of personal living begins with condo living.