Intelligent Surveillance Systems

February 2021

Intelligent surveillance systems are better able to identify and address security concerns on high-rise and condo properties.  These systems, currently used in shopping malls to prevent and detect problems, offer improved security.

Most communities rely on some level of monitoring to help prevent unauthorized access, vandalism and loitering.  Considering the varied duties of security employees, videos are usually not monitored in   real-time.  Intruders and activities caught on video may not be noticed until a later date.

Intelligent video surveillance systems can incorporate a video surveillance camera with motion detection, microphone, speaker and sophisticated software to improve entry control and safety by proactively deterring malicious intentions.

Audio capabilities can detect problems covering a 360-degree area beyond a camera’s view and in dimly lit areas.  A camera with microphone can detect sounds signifying danger that may include glass breaking, aggression or gunshots.  When specific sounds are identified the camera can turn to that area to visually verify the sound.  Both camera and audio can commence recording.  External alarms can be activated.  An alert can be sent to security or a designated individual.

Someone enters through the front door using their key or fob.  One or more individuals sneak in behind them before the door locks closed – a tactic called tailgating.  Anti-tailgating technology can notify security when more than one person enters through a doorway within a short period of time.  It combines a ceiling-mounted camera with tailgating detectors, speakers and software.

When a tailgating event is identified, such as two people entering within seven seconds, a speaker can play a recorded message such as “Please use your access device to enter.  Exit the door and re-enter after using your access device.”  Incidents can be recorded and tracked for review.  Alternatively, a real-time alert can be sent to security.

Should a door remain open for too long the speaker can alert the individual with a recording such as “Please close the security door” while sending a camera image to security via e-mail alert.  Intelligent surveillance systems can detect movement and background motion such as an individual hanging around a doorway or other area while ignoring that of small animals and foliage.  When such activities are detected management can determine what actions are to be taken.  Actions may include automated turning on of outdoor lighting and informing of security via live video and e-mail alert.  Security could choose to send a verbal warning over the speaker from their desk or phone to deter intruders.

Intelligent surveillance systems can be set up near unmanned doorways, garage entrances or more remote areas of a property, with one-way or two-way communication systems.  They allow for better building-wide security.


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