Intelligent Leak Protection

September 2019

There is a significant and on-going threat of water damage for condo owners and high-rise building tenants.  Multi-family buildings are extremely vulnerable to the risk of water on their building infrastructure, internal furnishings and personal possessions.

Eddy Solutions provides smart water metering products to help condominium communities protect, control and conserve water.  Travis Allan, company CEO, describes the four components of a complete leak detection system.

  1. A system for monitoring water use. This should include a remote and automatic shutoff for the main line.
  2. Water detection sensors placed in high risk locations near water sources to pinpoint the exact location of leaks or other water-related issues.
  3. Commercial quality shutoff valves.
  4. A software application – mobile app and dashboard system – to allow condominium managers and residents remotely track water situations in real-time and act immediately when issues are detected.