Integrated Security Systems

April 2022

High-rise security can be approached by looking at its three components; people, technology and policies/procedures.

Individuals employed to provide security utilize systems that may include people, lighting, cameras, and access control systems.  After researching and purchasing appropriate security cameras, positioning them and connecting to a monitoring system, allowing poor lighting to prevent cameras from capturing useful images is a lack of integration.

The most effective form of security is an on-site guard or concierge.  They serve as a deterrent and respond to events as they occur.  It is best to work with a company that understands condominiums.  Directors and management should detail duties and expectations of security/concierge for each shift.  Communities without the budget for full-time security/concierge can opt for an on-site presence during high-risk hours or employ a service offering mobile patrols.

Technology offers the second most effective security measure.  A virtual concierge allows visual monitoring from a remote location.  Access control systems can include programmable key fobs or cards.  Overdependence on technology can be circumvented.  Perpetrators may ignore cameras knowing captured images are often poor quality.  Head and face coverings are an easy way to avoid being identified.

Policies and procedures can be effective if adhered to.  Educate residents on how to avoid having strangers follow them into a building or wandering halls by posting signs and reviewing procedures at meetings.  More eyes watching for security makes it harder for perpetrators.  Implement a regular fob audit to restrict the number of fobs in circulation.  Deactivating old fobs in circulation or provided to non-residents ensures only registered users have access to the building.

A security audit will evaluate current security measures for effectiveness and include recommendations to reduce risks.  The board can use this information to implement an effective building security system within their budget and timeline.

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