Innovation in Condo Playgrounds

July 2019

There is little doubt that a condo playground can serve the needs of condo kids and their condo parents.  A central area for recreation and outdoor relaxation is desirable regardless of age.

The 1970s was a time when a playground meant swings, teeter-totters, a metal slide that burns skin when heated by the sun and an asphalt surface that hurts and scrapes.  Larger spaces may have included basketball nets or tetherball.


A 2017 playground likely includes colourful and interactive equipment, and less concrete.  New equipment and surfaces make it easier to provide a desirable outdoor common area.  The more popular playground equipment today is designed to promote activities that include climbing, sliding, crawling through tunnels and swinging.  The addition of seating, tables and BBQs can make the space appealing to all ages.


Rubberized foam padding, wood-mulch or synthetic grass surfaces are easier to maintain than a gravel, asphalt or concrete surface.  They also reduce the risk of getting hurt.

Playground equipment and floors may be made of recycled material.  Playground space may include artificial trees and artificial rocks for aesthetics and climbing.

Playgrounds and play equipment are an attractive, valuable amenity for any community catering to young families.  They encourage community interaction by offering kids and adults a place to socialize, exercise and relax.

Toronto playgrounds, shown in pictures accompanying this article, incorporate many modern concepts combined with imagination to create unique and popular play areas.