Improving Internal and Common Spaces

October 2020

Interests and preferences of condo owners change as frequently as those residing in your building.  Updating your unit is relatively easy in that only those residing in it have to be satisfied.  Updating common areas used by hundreds of people so they reflect changing tastes is a far more difficult task.  A designer or decorator can help ensure these spaces remain pleasing, functional and practical for the entire community.

Common area updates are expected to serve multiple purposes.  Some want spaces to be more functional.  Others may want to elicit stronger first impressions.  Many are concerned with the marketability of their home which is impacted by the quality of common areas.

If looking for a change in décor, decorators focus on furniture, finishes and colour schemes to make an existing space more appealing.  Designers have a better understanding of people’s behaviour and are better able to create functional spaces.  This may entail moving walls or physically changing the space in some other way.

In the home kitchens, bathrooms and storage space have taken on greater importance.  In shared spaces priorities are media rooms, exercise space and equipment, and accessible outdoor spaces.

Working from Home

Working from home is a priority for many.  Creating a seamless blending of home and work is possible in common areas.  This can be done by integrating workstations and space for meetings into social spaces.  Benefits include improved networking and socialization.  Wireless internet access is a necessity for work spaces.

Aging in Place

Many purchase homes with the intention of residing there for the remainder of their lives.  This only works in high-rise condo communities when common areas are designed to accommodate the changing needs of an aging population.


Kitchens are important even among a population that cooks less and eats out more frequently.  Increasingly popular are kitchens that are not isolated from the remainder of the home.  Having a kitchen that opens to the rest of the home creates a more natural flow and greater interaction.


Bathrooms have become more luxurious.  Some offer spa-like features such as a quality shower, sauna and hot tub.

Closets and Storage

The need for good closets and storage space has not decreased along with the size of condos.  Larger well-designed closets and increased storage space are highly desirable.

Those that desire luxury amenities in the condo or common areas require an appropriate budget.  Balancing quality, luxury and budget is an obtainable goal.