How Much NOISE do you Make

July 2020

Noise is an inevitable outcome of living.  In high-rise communities where hundreds of people share walls and floors, the problem is exponentially greater.  At times it can be unmanageable.

All condo residents have a right to enjoy their homes and to furnish them as desired.  Each also has the right to enjoy their home without unreasonable noise intruding from other units.

It can be unclear when noise rises to the level of an unreasonable nuisance.  At times the problem may not be the amount of noise but the timing.  A neighbour’s party noise may be reasonable at 9 pm but not at 1 am.  Renovation or construction noise may be acceptable so long as it is not in the evening or during the weekend.  Someone who works a night shift and sleeps in the afternoon is more likely to be affected by daytime noise and less by nighttime noise.

Condo living works best when everyone takes reasonable measures to contain the noise they create.

Hardwood, ceramic and stone flooring is fashionable and healthier than carpet.  Every step you take can be a problem for those living below.  Installing a sound barrier beneath flooring can ensure the noise you make stays in your unit.

Flat screen televisions and monitors mounted on walls are increasingly popular.  Mounting on an interior wall, rather than a wall shared with a neighbour, reduces what can be heard beyond your walls.

If you enjoy loud games or music, or require higher volume when watching television, consider sound absorption panels on walls near speakers.

Everyone creates noise.  Controlling how much of your noise is heard can be the difference between being a responsible neighbour or a problem building management may have to address.