How Do You Spend Your Day?

March 2015

Condo living offers a more relaxed environment. Living in a condo means fewer household chores, no gardening or snow shovelling, and less commute time for the many who walk to work.

So how do people make use of this extra time?

No local figures are available but some information provided by eMarketer is helpful. According to the company, the average U.S. adult now spends more time in the digital world than watching television.

Television viewing has not declined. The time spent using digital devices comes from elsewhere. Less time is spent pursuing “real world” pursuits such as walking, running, playing sports and going out with friends.

Experts say we now spend an average of 10 hours a day watching a screen, generally split between digital devices and TV.

Given the more relaxed lifestyle of condo living, there is a very good likelihood that condo residents have more time to spend with their digital devices and TV than non-condo residents.