How Condo Fires Start

November 2021

A majority of all condo fires start in the kitchen.

Many condo kitchen fires occur late at night.  For someone who has been drinking the stove becomes a dangerous weapon.  They put something on the stove then fall asleep.  A single careless incident becomes a major problem for hundreds of people.

Fortunately most fires are confined to the unit.  More severe fires have caused evacuation of an entire floor or building.  The most extensive fires have caused towers to be uninhabitable for months or years.

Careless smoking is another leading cause of fire.

Consequences of fire are severe.  Personal belongings are destroyed.  People and pets die.  Building residents can be displaced for months or years.

Preventing most fires is inexpensive and easy.  Ensuring fire safety systems are in place and working is now a routine exercise.  Discarding butts in a proper manner is not difficult.  Those failing to take proper measures do so through intent or neglect.