Horticultural Art

November 2018

Garden walls, or green walls, combine art and landscaping.

Garden walls are gardens mounted on a wall or as a freestanding structure capable of supporting the weight of plants, soil and watering.  Most indoor plants can thrive on a garden wall which has an environment suited for Florida tropical plants.

A garden wall in an indoor common area delivers art and garden space while taking up minimal space.  Walls covered with plants can be found in public spaces, businesses and homes.

Garden walls appeal to conservationists and can improve a lobby or common area.  They help absorb undesirable chemicals including formaldehyde and benzene from man-made items; rugs, paint, appliances and furniture.  Plants help remove these toxins from the air we breathe.

Garden walls are stress-reducing in the same way as an outdoor garden.  It can create a feeling of happiness and contentedness, provide sound control benefits and help regulate internal temperature.  It can be incorporated into spaces where people go to relax.

Garden walls require cultivation, a source of water, irrigation and a proper level of lighting.

Garden walls can attract pests.  Most common are small white flies when a wall is over-watered.  Sick plants may attract aphids.  An insecticidal soap can be used to remedy these and similar problems that may occur.

A properly maintained garden wall can provide a refreshing and natural look to a condo lobby or common area more natural than potted plants or artwork.  It provides cleaner air and a relaxing environment, is good to look at and takes up minimal floor space.  Garden walls offer the benefit of plants without the space necessary for a garden.

A garden wall about 8 feet high and two feet wide can cost about $4,000.