Is your Home making you Sick

December 2017

Feeling listless or unwell?  Look around your home.

A European study suggests a direct relationship between your home and how you feel.

Those who live in unhealthy homes are more likely to feel unhealthy.  They suffer from more ailments such as colds or the flu.  They tend not to feel energized and are more likely to be in a bad mood.

The Humboldt University study suggests five components impacting on the health of your home.

Sleeping Conditions

Those who don’t get enough sleep can suffer from concentration problems, inability to make decisions and malaise.  They have a greater risk of accidents and poorer job performance.

Access to daylight can impact on quality of sleep as can air quality, noise, room temperature and humidity.

Indoor Temperatures

Homes that are too warm or too cold are unhealthy.  Low indoor temperatures can result in congestion, throat irritation and dryness.  More serious problems such as cardiovascular disease can occur.  A home that is too warm can negatively impact on sleep quality.


Daylight has been shown to impact positively on mood, health and productivity.  Lack of daylight has been associated with stress, obesity, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

Air Quality

Poor air quality can result in throat infections or asthma.  In children, learning abilities are impacted.


Excessive moisture facilitates the growth of mould.  Those who reside in homes with mould are likelier to have throat irritations or asthma.  Humidity is created through daily activities including cooking, cleaning and bathing