Holiday Tipping to say Thank You

December 2021

Tipping is a gesture of appreciation to people who make it their business to help out and make your life easier.  The holiday season is an opportunity to thank those who help out during the year.

In a condominium or high-rise community these people include the building manager, management office staff, concierge and other building employees.

This gesture of gratitude would be inappropriate coming from a condo board funded through condo fees, and fails to convey appreciation of condo residents.  It is not a proper use of condo fees in that it is money a condo corporation is not contractually required to pay employees.  The very nature of a holiday bonus means it is not reflected in a condo budget presented to owners.  Any holiday bonus or gift should be determined at holiday time based on recent performance.

Residents may purchase gift cards or other items, or bake something for those they feel are deserving of gratitude.  Communities may band together to take up a collection from residents to be distributed to employees.  Those choosing to do so can contribute.  Others may choose not to contribute, or may choose to provide a bonus or gift on their own.  No owner or resident is forced to contribute to a holiday bonus through condo fees.

A reward for work well done is a welcome gift.  Building managers, superintendents, concierge and cleaning staff can work long and odd hours solving problems and generally making life easier for residents.  Some employees are on call 24 hours a day.  If these people have made high-rise or condo living a little more enjoyable or easier, letting them know with a holiday tip is a good way to show your gratitude.

Small gestures are appreciated by those who make condo and high-rise living enjoyable and easy.  Take advantage of the holiday season to do so.