Hiring a Condominium Manager – Letter to the Editor

July 2023

Can you let us know about the education of property managers and how this is done?

What works and what doesn’t in terms of experience in the variety of fields of study and work experience?

How does a condo ensure they get a good property manager?

Is there any research on this so that programs of study can gear to the needs of the many new condo buildings in downtown Toronto?

Many thanks.


Response from Toronto Condo News

Some good questions for which there is no solid information.

For good or bad, education for condominium managers is an art rather than a science.

Obtaining a condominium manager designation requires completion of educational requirements – five courses which you can read about on the CMRAO website – and some time working under the guidance of a licensed condominium manager.  Those obtaining their license have a basic background in condominium management.

Better managers have broader experience obtained through years of experience as a condominium manager, or in some form of senior business management.

Condominium corporations seeking an experienced manager are on their own since the licensing process does not require more than a basic level of experience and knowledge.  Managers with more experience command a higher salary.  Some communities prefer to offer less compensation for an individual lacking experience.  See Condominium Manager Roulette in the Condo Archives for the benefits of hiring experienced managers.

Toronto Condo News has written numerous articles on hiring condominium managers and what skills to look for.  See What to Look for in a Condominium Manager to understand the necessary skills for condominium management.

Two areas of the Condo Archives have many articles covering the skills and experience to be a good condominium manager:

You will find lots of useful information in these areas of the Condo Archives.

I hope this is helpful.

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