Happy Renovations

April 2019

More condo owners are renovating their homes.  Some are new owners turning their condo into a home.  Others reside in older condo buildings where renovations are necessary to accommodate current needs.

From painting and floor replacement to more substantial work that requires relocation of plumbing or electrical fixtures, or moving structural walls, condo owners want to undertake the same renovations that can be done in a single-family dwelling.

Condominium corporations may have rules controlling what renovations can be undertaken and how they are to be done.  These rules exist to protect other owners from renovations that can negatively impact on them and the community.

Know your Declaration

Many declarations specify what renovations are permitted or prohibited.  Anything that involves structural changes may require board approval.  Obtaining approval may require a report from a certified engineer or architect to ensure structural integrity of the condo building is maintained.

Understand Policy

When certain renovations are allowed per the declaration, condominium  corporations may implement policies to ensure safety, security and comfort of the community.  They may require details of work to be undertaken, contractor information and materials to be utilized.  There may be policies regarding disposal of debris, elevator usage, contractor hours and maintaining of common areas.  Much of this may be provided in a document provided to any owner considering renovations.  This document ensures that owners are aware of what is and isn’t permitted during a renovation period.

Constant Communication

A good renovation project begins with the condominium manager being informed of renovation plans in the early stages.  This allows them to communicate with other owners as necessary and to monitor renovations on behalf of the condominium corporation.

Effective communication ensures all owners and residents are aware of how a renovation project may impact on them and to plan accordingly.

Insurance Matters

Renovations may impact on insurance coverage.  Condominium corporations are generally not responsible for damage or other problems relating to renovations within a condo suite.


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