Green Roof Benefits

February 2023

A roof is the condo equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife; a multi-function device essential to a quality lifestyle.  A green roof makes that roof even more valuable.

The main reason to replace a roof is to fix leaks or avoid water infiltration.

Building roofs have evolved from what was an asphalt covering with a waterproof membrane that protects against water entering a building.  Insulation has been incorporated to reduce energy costs by limiting heat loss.  Cladding, an additional layer, offers added insulation and protection against the elements.  Pavers on top of all this can convert a roof to outdoor space for sitting, walking, gardening or barbecuing.

What we call a green roof can take many forms.  Reflective roof materials help decrease energy use and lower environmental emissions.  A soil covering and plantings reduce heat absorption and reflection of heat to street level.  A green roof can control storm water runoff and have a life expectancy of up to 40 years – about double that of a traditional roof.  Air quality is improved by reducing the heat-island effect that raises the temperature of a concrete community.  Solar panels are an option that can reduce the amount of electricity purchased.

When it comes time to replace that condo building roof, consider the cost savings, increased value of unit resales and other benefits of investing in a green roof.