Green Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

August 2018

It can be challenging to keep a condo community clean while accommodating personal preferences of residents.  Cleanliness is subjective.  Some products make things shinier or smell better.  Others are better for the environment.  Personal standards and priorities affect preferences.

For those who want to avoid harming the environment, there are products that utilize environmentally-friendly ingredients in place of chemicals.  These products can be less toxic, safer and less irritating.  Many are available for bulk purchase and practical for use in condo buildings.

Condo communities can use environmentally-friendly ingredients and products without sacrificing cleanliness:


  • A regular cleaning regimen is preferable to less frequent cleanings that inevitably require harsher products.
  • Many effective products contain harsh solvents. Green cleaners are usually hydrogen-peroxide based which is safe for all surfaces.
  • Products sold in small bottles can be expensive and should be avoided.
  • Lack of smell is good. Green products can have different scents or no scent.  Many avoid using fragrances that make them less green.  Organic ingredients can be added to green cleaners that leave hallways and common areas smelling good.  Apple and pine are popular natural scents.  Other scents may not be natural and don’t linger for as long.
  • Aerosol products, such as Lysol, should be avoided. They can be harmful if inhaled and have adverse environmental effects.  An economical disinfectant solution can be made and poured into a spray bottle.
  • Bleach is not environmentally friendly. It should be used sparingly and avoided when possible.  It is also the only product that works for certain situations.
  • Avoid oil-based products.
  • For cleaning floors use a SH-Mop or something similar; a washable terrycloth mop, similar to a Swiffer with a larger pad, that is not harsh on floors like a heavy mop. Add a treated dust cloth or microfiber rag for dusting.