Great People with Awesome Intentions

March 2024

Great people with awesome intentions often burn themselves out and don’t deliver.

A community we manage had the developer set up an “Advisory Committee” while under declarant control.

One of the committee members wanted to keep costs low so he volunteered to handle all of the irrigation issues himself as well as fertilization and shrub trimming.  That way they could hire a cheap landscaper to mow, edge and blow.  He also volunteered to coordinate volunteers to clean the clubhouse so the paid cleaners were let go.

He really had good intentions.

When the community got turned over, he was elected to the Board and continued his focus.  However, he couldn’t keep up with the sprinklers and frequently had bouts with upset homeowners.  The volunteer cleaners consistently dropped the ball.  Shrubs weren’t trimmed how owners wanted, when they wanted.

Many owners started treating him like crap.  This great man resigned from the Board yesterday, just a couple months after being elected.  Now the community has to build a budget based on actually paying for the things he was doing, which will likely mean increases in assessments.

Here’s my advice for Board members wanting to go above and beyond such as this gentleman; Don’t do it!

Find the best professionals you can to handle needed services.  Set assessments at levels to cover quality work.  Be a great decision maker for your Association, not a great “doer.”  People tend to appreciate a great community more than your extra efforts and labor to keep costs low.

Don’t allow being a Board member to dominate your whole life.

Reprinted LinkedIn post by David McConkie,