Good Health Reduces COVID Risk

June 2021

In a world where COVID is unlikely to disappear, improving your health can be more important than relying on others for protection.

Each day it is becoming clearer that COVID will remain an ongoing concern.  While vaccines, cleaning regimen, masks and physical distancing may all provide some protection, personal health may be most important.

We now understand that COVID is more dangerous to those with certain “pre-conditions”; primarily heart disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease according to the New York City Coroner.  The majority of those succumbing to COVID had two or more of these conditions.

We also know there is a strong link to Vitamin D deficiency which can result from lack of outdoor exposure to the sun.  Requiring people to remain indoor and the cold winter, combined with risks of poor indoor air quality and ventilation, may partially explain higher numbers of those exposed to COVID throughout Canada.

A review of New York City Coroner data shows that the vast majority of those succumbing to COVID without one or two underlying conditions was quite low regardless of age.  In percentage terms, it was between 25 and 8,999 times lower depending on age.

In short, good health and lifestyle choices appear to be more important for protecting against COVID than any other measure.

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