Going to the Dogs

August 2016

Protect indoor property by using quality outdoor materials

Toronto’s dog population has grown out of proportion to the urban space available to them.

Where can dogs be unleashed? Where do they run, socialize, play or chase a Frisbee? Where do they wipe their feet?

Have you thought about wiping your feet after walking the dog?

The effects of the large canine population can be heard, and sometimes smelled, in high-rise areas.

Park redesign is part of the solution. One developer with three high-rise buildings near Gerrard St. and Yonge St. recently reconstructed their centre court area. A pet area has been created using a specialized drainage system combined with premium turf for pets. This turf system is designed to stand up to dog play and running. It is easy to clean. It helps to mitigate bacteria and odours using anti-microbial products.

Synthetic turf products have come a long way. They can be cleaned using a power broom and continue to look new long after installation. They can handle snow and ultraviolet rays without degradation. There is no need to weed, seed, apply fertilizer or pesticides, or water.

Synthetic turf is available for pet areas, playgrounds and any place where people congregate. It is a clean area for pets and owners which can be found in private areas as well as public spaces including Sherbourne Common on the waterfront, tree pits along King St. and Queen St., and the St. Clair streetcar median.

Synthetic turf helps keep the outside outdoors. It translates to lower cleaning and repair costs, and less work, for condo building management.

Happy tenants and lower building maintenance happens when everybody is wiping their feet!

John Larsen is with SYNLawn Artificial Turf, a company that installs pet, playground and other commercial outdoor surfaces. He can be reached at (905)272-9683.

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