Going Green – Outdoor Condo Living

August 2019

High-rise condo living can and should provide respite from the concrete jungle.  Green space is one way to keep residents happy and healthy.

The importance of green space is well documented as helping to improve mental health.  For some this means reducing fatigue while others benefit from improved stress coping mechanisms.  Condo buildings overlooking a park or green space are popular.  Within a building, suites overlooking parkland or green space are premium locations.

From an environmental perspective, green space absorbs water that would otherwise flow into storm water systems and flood areas during heavy rainfall.

High-rise condo living provides an improved lifestyle for many.  In buildings without balconies, residents may lose the opportunity to sit outside their home or outdoor cooking.  Communities able to provide these amenities can benefit from higher valuations and increased demand.

It is the rare community that lacks space for outdoor amenities.  That space may be on ground level, a rooftop balcony or some space mid-building.

Any building with underground parking likely has space above without a structure.  Properly planned, this space can usually be used for outdoor amenities.  Incorporating walkways, sun area with shade, trees and grass, space for social gathering, and barbecue and eating area for residents can all be accommodated in a relatively small yet well-planned space.  Any running or bubbling water feature can be incorporated to reduce external noise.  Areas without grass can be made green by including large planters to create a serene environment.

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